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ICYMI: NRA spends another $6.5M for Trump; Pence Misses The Point on Guns Last Night

October 5, 2016

On the day after the VP debate, the NRA is up with a $6.5M ad buy — their biggest yet, bringing their spending on the presidential race to more than $18M — to support the guy who said he won’t let them down: Donald Trump. The ad continues the special brand of women-targeted fear-mongering that has become a familiar part of the gun manufacturer lobby’s attempts to scare Americans into thinking that more guns, everywhere, for anyone is the only way to make America safe.

Speaking of making America safe — and back to last night’s debate — Governor Pence said that he and Donald Trump would, “make sure that law enforcement have the resources and the tools to be able to really restore law and order to the cities and communities in this nation.”

If that is true, then why wouldn’t Governor Pence start at home in Indiana, the number one out-of-state source for Illinois crime guns, and require background checks on all gun sales to help stop gun trafficking from Indiana into Chicago?

Check out this cool graphic that shows how Indiana’s weak gun laws, upheld by Governor Pence, are fueling the gun violence in Chicago:


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