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Everytown, Delaware Moms Demand Action, Applaud Delaware Senate on Passage of Domestic Violence Prevention, Ghost Guns Bill

June 15, 2021

The Delaware chapter of Moms Demand Action, part of Everytown for Gun Safety’s grassroots networks, released a statement today applauding the Delaware State Senate for passing bills to disarm domestic abusers and regulate ghost guns, two issues that contribute significantly to the gun violence epidemic in Delaware. HB 124 would prohibit domestic abusers from possessing firearms, while HB 125 would comprehensively regulate the manufacture, sale and possession of undetectable, untraceable firearms. Those bills, having previously passed the House, will be sent to Delaware Governor John Carney for signature.

The Delaware House of Representatives is also expected to vote this month on SB 3, a bill that would create a handgun qualified purchaser card which a person would have to obtain before purchasing a handgun.
“Keeping Delaware communities safe means taking action to curb the gun violence that continues to devastate our state,” said Amy Yarnell, a volunteer with the Delaware chapter of Moms Demand Action. “We thank the Delaware Senate for taking significant steps to not only protect victims of domestic abuse from their abusers, but also ensure that untraceable, undetectable firearms are kept out of the hands of those who should not have access to them. We urge Governor Carney to sign these bills into law to keep our loved ones and our communities safe.”

About the Bills:

  • HB 124 would provide survivors and victims with increased opportunity to remain safe by prohibiting abusers from possessing firearms upon receiving an emergency domestic violence restraining order. This bill will ensure that domestic violence victims are protected during all times that there is a valid Protection From Abuse order in effect.
  • HB 125 would prohibit undetectable guns which are not identifiable by walk-through metal detectors, and also prohibit disguised guns which are fully functioning firearms that resemble everyday objects, like smart phones, lighters, canes, etc. It also prohibits anyone who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer from selling, transferring, or possessing an untraceable or unserialized firearm or firearm receiver. The bill would also prohibit unlicensed individuals from manufacturing or distributing firearms using a 3D printer, including 3D printing computer code.

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