It’s Time to #EndFacebookGunShows

“I’m not running a background check ;)”
–Comment left by a woman selling her DPMS Panther Arms 223 A-15 rifle on Facebook.

fb-meme-criminals1Believe it or not, both Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) allow people to use their platforms to initiate private sales and trades of guns. In many states, these transactions can take place without a background check.

That means Facebook and Instagram are enabling people to sell weapons, “no questions asked” to strangers. Anyone who couldn’t pass a background check—for instance, a domestic abuser or a felon—can just log on to the social media gun show on Facebook or Instagram and find a private seller. In fact, you have to provide more information to create a Facebook account than you do to complete a gun sale or trade initiated online.

Join us in urging Facebook and Instagram to immediately enact a policy prohibiting all gun sales and trades—especially those among private sellers—on their platforms.

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Let Facebook and Instagram know that we expect them to keep our social networks safe.