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Election Day is Here: Moms Demand Action, Students Demand Action Volunteers Call and Text Over 3.2 MILLION Voters

November 2, 2020

With just one day remaining remaining in the election, Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action are using their massive grassroots power to get out the vote, help voters create a Voter Action Plan and confirm support for gun sense candidates up and down the ballot. After a weekend packed with phone and text banking, including weekends of action in key battleground states, volunteers hit a new record with over 3.2 MILLION calls and texts to voters to date. Despite the limitations of traditional canvassing methods due to COVID-19, volunteers continued to work tirelessly throughout the election cycle, holding more than 10,000events, with more than 42,600 individual shifts of election work.

In addition to hitting these record milestones, last week Sen. Cory Booker joined Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts on Instagram Live to share an inspirational message going into Election Day, and reminding viewers that “Change does not come from Washington; it comes to Washington.”  Shannon also joined Beto O’Rourke on Instagram Live for his #TeamJoe conversation on the upcoming election and gun safety policy. And, Shannon was joined by actress, advocate, and chair of the Everytown Creative Council, Julianne Moore, for the Fort Hope virtual phone bank kick-off to get out the vote in South Carolina for U.S Senate candidate, Jaime Harrison. 


  • Members of the Everytown Athletic Council joined efforts to get out the vote and encourage Americans to submit ballots with gun safety in mind in key battleground states. Athletes included: 
    • Basketball player, Devereaux Peters, two-time WNBA Champion, Minnesota Lynx (Minnesota) 
    • Ice hockey player, Hilary Knight, Team USA and the University of Wisconsin (Wisconsin)
    • Soccer player, Alejandro Bedoya, Philadelphia Union (Pennsylvania)
    • Retired football player, Stedman Bailey, St. Louis Rams (Florida)


  • The Demanding Women Series continued last week with Shannon Watts in conversation with four Moms Demand Action volunteers running for office. Conversations included:
    • Maura Hirschauer (candidate for IL, District 49)
    • Rachael Morocco (candidate for OH, District 67)
    • Lisa Reynolds (candidate for OR, District 36)
    • Monique Smith (candidate for OH, District 16)
  • Demanding Women 2.0 can be streamed on via Instagram Live @shannonrwatts

Moms Demand Action Volunteer of the Week: 

Moms Demand Action volunteer Mia Reid is one of the first faces seen in a recent Instagram post from Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, as Harris speaks about the importance of voting and as the words “they know we are powerful” fittingly scroll across Mia’s face on screen.  Mia is a leader with the Michigan chapter of Moms Demand Action, and is a gun violence survivor who had her only  son taken by  gun violence in 2011. She joined Moms Demand Action as part of her mission of helping those impacted by gun violence and poverty, and has spent the majority of this election cycle canvassing, phone banking and texting voters, banking over 70 shifts and 280 hours of work, to ensure that we elect gunsense candidates are elected up and down the ballot. 

In addition to her with Moms Demand Action, Mia, a therapist by trade, also launched a grief support group following the death of her son, and created the Charles W. Reid Community Help Center in his honor, offering resources for those affected by GV and poverty.

If you’re interested in learning more, or speaking with Moms Demand Action or Students Demand Action volunteers from around the country, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you're a member of the media, please send inquiries to [email protected]