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Delaware House Passes Ghost Guns Bill, Moms Demand Action, Students Demand Action Respond

May 21, 2021

The Delaware chapters of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action, both a part of Everytown’s grassroots network, today released the following statement applauding lawmakers in the Delaware House for passing HB 125, which prohibits undetectable, untraceable ghost guns. Lawmakers also unanimously passed HB 124 yesterday, which prohibits those subject to an ex-parte or emergency Protection From Abuse order from possessing or purchasing a gun.

“There’s no reason why anyone should have access to untraceable, undetectable ghost guns – they pose a clear and present threat to public safety by enabling people who would fail a background check to get guns anyways,” said Anne McWalter, a volunteer with the Delaware chapter of Moms Demand Action. “Prohibiting ghost guns will make Delaware a safer state, and we’re glad our lawmakers took this important step today.”

Ghost guns are the fastest-growing gun safety problem facing our country. A ghost gun is a do-it-yourself, homemade gun made from easy-to-get, unregulated building blocks. These guns are made by an individual, not a federally licensed manufacturer or importer. A person can buy the parts and assemble a ghost gun without even receiving a background check, which is why they are becoming a weapon of choice for violent criminals, gun traffickers, and other legally prohibited persons. 

 On HB 125 — Legislation to Regulate Ghost Guns

  • Prohibits undetectable guns, which are not identifiable by walk-through metal detectors or can be disassembled and passed, unnoticed, through X-ray machines, and other commonly used security screening devices used at airports and in other public buildings
  • Currently, anyone can purchase the building blocks of a firearm online without a background check to create what’s known as a ghost gun. These weapons have no serial numbers, making them impossible to track when used in crimes. Legislation to prohibit the sale and manufacture of these DIY weapons will make Delaware communities safer.

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