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Clear Choice on Gun Safety in Vice Presidential Debate

October 7, 2020

This evening is the Vice Presidential debate, where voters will hear from gun safety champion Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Vice President Mike Pence.

Moms Demand Action volunteers are available for interviews on the role that gun safety will play in this election.

In May, Senator Harris participated in Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund and Moms Demand Action’s virtual conversation series, “Demanding Women: Quarantine Conversations About Gun Violence.” You can watch the Senator Harris episode of the series here.

Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris represent the strongest gun safety ticket in history. They have pledged to take action on gun safety within their first 100 days in office, and their gun violence prevention platform would make a significant impact toward reducing the gun violence that kills more than 100 Americans each day.

Moms Demand Action volunteers are out in full force to support the strongest presidential gun safety ticket in history. To date, volunteers have sent more than 1.1 million text messages and made over 725,000 calls. In the past week alone, volunteers held over 500 virtual elections events. 
Voters have a clear choice on gun safety in this race:

Senator Kamala Harris… 

  • Is a gun sense champion who has cosponsored Everytown-endorsed gun violence prevention legislation, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, prohibiting dating partners and stalkers from having guns via the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, prohibiting gun possession by people convicted of violent hate crimes, and extreme risk legislation. 
  • Has long been a vocal critic of the NRA, which gave her an “F” rating in 2016. 
  • Pledged to act on gun safety as a presidential candidate by releasing a robust platform in which she vowed to take executive action if Congress failed to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation within her first 100 days as president –– including by strengthening background checks, closing the boyfriend loophole, holding accountable dealers and manufacturers that break the law, and reversing a Trump-era change that has allowed many fugitives to buy guns.
  • Recognizes that gun violence is a public health crisis – and as California Attorney General, urged Congress to properly fund CDC research into the cause and prevention of gun violence. 

Vice President Pence… 

  • Has failed to protect Americans from two public health crises: COVID-19 and gun violence. Pence chairs the White House Coronavirus Task Force, but President Trump and Vice President Pence failed to mobilize an effective federal response to combat COVID-19. Now more than 210,000 Americans have died from the virus. And Pence has stood behind President Trump while the administration has actively undermined gun safety, despite an estimated 145,000 Americans being killed by gun violence during their watch. 
  • Received consistent “A” grades, endorsements, and thousands of dollars in support from the NRA over the course of his political career. 
  • Has a long history of supporting dangerous policies pushed by the gun lobby—all while receiving funding from the gun lobby to support his political ambitions.
  • Signed dangerous legislation as governor that further undermined Indiana’s already weak gun laws, posing a dire cost for neighboring states. Between 2009-13, nearly 1 in 5 guns recovered at Chicago crime scenes was sourced from Indiana. 

    If you’re interested in speaking with a Moms Demand Action volunteer about gun safety and this race, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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